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Tuesday, December 27, 2022

Caizcoin - Islam Compliant Cryptocurrency


Our ecosystem aims to provide innovative financial solutions to the Islamic population and all the people struggling with current financial services.
Caizcoin - Islam Compliant Cryptocurrency

Caizcoin Tokens

Caizcoin tokens are built on the Islam compliant blockchain and serve as a valid means of payment and provide a wide range of use cases through partnerships with vendors, NGOs, payment partners and other institutions.

The Caizcoin Wallet

The Caiz ecosystem consists of a hyper secure wallet supported that ensures maximum security of data and details of tokens.

The Caizcoin API

Our ecosystem offers an API that enables easy and efficient integration of third party applications.

Digital Banking Partners

We will work with banking partners to provide a fully digital banking solution that allows users to manage and use their funds and obtain financing under Islamic finance standards.

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