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Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Your clear benefits with ZENIQ at Safir Global

Your clear benefits with ZENIQ at Safir Global

SAFIR GLOBAL presents:
The cryptocoin with a real foundation
The merging of the crypto and real financial world has begun. We provide you with infrastructure, real products and services around the ZENIQ Coin from the very beginning. Instead of just a vision, lived REALIT

A brief overview of ZENIQ
  1. You want to benefit from the future technologies crypto, blockchain and tokenization, but it's just too complicated?
  2. You regularly buy cryptocoins, but you are shocked by the sometimes high transaction costs of the exchanges?
  3. You have cryptos, but can you really use them in everyday life?
  4. Are you looking for a sustainable way to build your wealth with the crypto world?

Then ZENIQ is your solution!
  • We deliver direct solutions
  • Sustainable profits through the future trillion market tokenization.
  • Wealth accumulation with daily coin growth through the most innovative technology from your living room.
  • A REAL business model on which you can build a REAL business.
  • Best exchange rates and cheap transactions with the emerging decentralized ZENIQ Exchange.
  • Highest level of sovereignty and security through a unique ecosystem with its own blockchain, decentralized exchange and more.
Seamless payment services with cryptocoins.

If you're looking for a concept built on real projects and a stable foundation, check out our free ZENIQ presentation now:
  • Your clear benefits with ZENIQ [Access to crypto world]
  • It has never been so easy to benefit from the crypto world without any prior knowledge. [Maximum security of assets}
  • With our special technology, you enjoy the highest security of your digital assets. [Zeniq Exchange]
  • Our emerging independent and decentralized exchange for those seeking the best exchange rates and cheap transfers. [The Zeniq APP]
  • A decentralized wallet that will enable real-time transactions between the crypto and fiat worlds. Pay for your purchases easily and conveniently with your smartphone. [Tokenization]
Digitization of tangible assets, ideas or projects of any kind is the trillion-dollar market that will completely reshape our future. With ZENIQ you take part in this new future.

We do not sell a vision, as other companies might do. We provide you with real projects and a solid foundation you can trust.

Why should you get involved with future technologies?

Blockchain technology and tokenization will change our world more than the internet did. If you want to be a pioneer now, you can be one of the first to benefit from the future, just like Bitcoin in 2008.
Your future, starting now on a real foundation

Benefits from ZENIQ [Register Here]

Choose a stable path with a bright future. No more pure belief if a cryptocoin will grow, but already proven facts and real products shape the ZENIQ Coin.

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