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Friday, June 25, 2021

What is SkyDrive? How does it work?

What is SkyDrive? How does it work?

SkyDrive is a cloud storage service similar to Dropbox and Google Drive. SkyDrive is developed by Microsoft and provides 7GB of storage space for free, but you can purchase more space as needed. You need a Microsoft account to use SkyDrive, but anyone can access publicly shared files. In addition to storing and sharing files, you can also embed uploaded content into your personal website. 

How cloud storage works 

In terms of computing, the cloud is online storage, which can safely store and access files without filling up the machine's hard disk. You don't need to save the files to a local drive, but upload them to a remote server, and then you can access these servers over the Internet. By using a unique username and password combination, you will be able to access your files across different devices and share them publicly on the Web. These servers are encrypted to ensure your data is safe and secure.

Create a SkyDrive account 

You can register for a SkyDrive account by visiting the official Microsoft SkyDrive page (link in Resources). You can use an existing Microsoft account or create one on the registration page. You can also add SkyDrive to other devices, such as Android smartphones. After you create an account, you can download the free SkyDrive desktop application, which enables you to drag or copy files to a SkyDrive folder on your computer. 

Upload and sync files 

When your files are placed in the SkyDrive folder, your files will be automatically uploaded and synced to your account. You can access your files on any device with SkyDrive installed by entering your Microsoft account details. You can also upload files directly to the SkyDrive website. After the files are uploaded, you can organize them into groups and share them publicly or with other SkyDrive users. If needed, you can also download them back to your computer.

Shared documents 

SkyDrive enables you to collaborate on projects instantly by sharing projects with your friends and colleagues. When linking to an uploaded file, you can decide whether you want the file to be editable. You can also change the privacy of your files to ensure that only people who log in to SkyDrive can see them. Every time a file is changed, it is saved to the cloud, so everyone can see the updated file. After the file is complete, you can use SkyDrive as the host to embed it in your personal website.

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