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Friday, June 25, 2021

Get Free 50GB Storage Space With Mega Cloud Storage

Get Free 50GB Storage Space With Mega Cloud Storage

Get Free 50GB Storage Space With Mega Cloud Storage

On this article you will learn how to sign up for 50gb free storage space on Have you been looking for a cloud storage network where you can save your files online and retrieve them at anytime, on any device. Then Mega Cloud storage is all need.

Mega Cloud storage is a free online storage platform designed to make online file storage and sharing fun and easy. It offers all users 50Gb storage space at registration, this can be upgraded to 4TG as the case may be. It also as a mobile app which makes file sharing and upload a lot easier. Below are some of the features of Mega cloud storage website;

Features of Mega Cloud Storage

  1. 50GB free storage space.
  2. Mobile App for quick file storage and sharing
  3. Well secured file transfer and sharing
  4. File transfer between mobile device and PC
  5. Mega Chat for text messaging.

Sign Up Mega Cloud Storage

To sign up with mega cloud storage and start enjoying over 50gb storage space simply,
  • Visit mega storage website at with your mobile or desktop storage device
  • Now, click on create account
  • Enter your full name and provide a valid email address
  • Choose a password to suit, re-enter password and click create account. This will create a new account here.
To login to your mega storage account, you can simply log on to the website as illustrated above, this time you simply click on login and enter your username and password.

Using Mega Storage on Mobile Device

Now that you own a mega storage account, you are very free to start uploading files to your account. But like i said earlier, Mega mobile app is just the easiest means of uploading files to your account. Therefore you will need to download Mega storage App, Below is the steps to downloading this App on your device.
  • On your mobile device browser, visit google play store. Note you will need a google account for you to freely use google play.
  • Type in Mega Cloud storage in the search field, and tap search
  • From the result, select mega storage app and install it to your device.
  • Finally, locate the app from your app menu and launch app.
  • Enter your login details and login. This will open up your cloud drive.
  • You can easily use your app to upload or update files to your cloud storage by simply,
  • Taping on option (i.e the three vertical dots)
  • Select Upload from the options that come up.
  • Locate the folder then select the file you want to upload. That it is all the file will be uploaded to your mega storage drive.

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