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Tuesday, January 26, 2021

SP21 compatibility fix for DLC3

SP21 dlc3

* compatibility fix with new game version
* for the steam original game only

* Not needed for the new smokepatch version 21.2.0

a new game version was released earlier this morning, this usually deactivates the patch and run the default game only, a temporary fix is required to make the SP21 work with the new DLC.

this is a compatibility fix only, the new contents will be merged with our new contents and database in a new version of smokepatch21


1. download and extract the compatibility package

2. copy (download) folder inside the game folder (replace the 3 files when asked)

3. copy and replace the modified edit file in the save folder of the game

dlc3 fix installation
* Not needed for the new smokepatch version 21.2.0

Download from SP21 links:
official smokepatch free links

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